The Soap Cabin started in 2011 after the inspiration of visits to my parents’ homeland, Jamaica over the years since I was 7, where there is still lots of home-made, hand-made enterprise going on, such as candle making, painting, carving and soap making among other things, and people still swear by plant and bush remedies.

I have have had eczema on and off since childhood, and after years of steroid creams and greasy chemical-laden moisturisers, which are not practical or great for long term use, I began looking at ways of keeping it under control by diet and exercise (I dance and eat a LOT of fish), but also with natural products like Aloe Vera, cocoa butter, coconut oil and Shea butter.  I then became interested in aromatherapy and the properties of essential oils, which we now use in most of our products.  I am a toiletry-lover always on the lookout for good, natural, moisturising skin care without nasty additives, that will last all day, through all weathers, especially the winter! Our products don’t contain any of the commercial nasties like petroleum, mineral oils or parabens and we make our soaps using a vegetable glycerin soap base.

We make all of our products by hand, and get our ideas from recipe books, trying out different essential oil combinations, what is popular out there in the world of aromatherapy and bathing, and of course, what we like ourselves!

We are based in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire and our products are cosmetic safety certified and tested by willing humans.